What is COBRA?

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) gives employees and their qualified dependents the opportunity to continue medical, dental, vision, HSA and/or FSA insurance coverages under DriveTime's health plan when the employee's eligibility drops.

When an employee's employment ends with DriveTime, their benefit coverages also end at midnight on their last day of employment. COBRA options will be available to these employees and their covered dependents at the full premium cost. To review COBRA costs please click the link below.

2019 COBRA Rates
2018 COBRA Rates


How do I enroll in COBRA options?

COBRA benefits are offered through a third party vendor, Discovery Benefits. Discovery Benefits will send out a packet of information with enrollment options to the employee's home address (the address listed on file in Ultipro - Need to update your address? Go to This information should be received within 2 weeks of the employee's eligibility (i.e. the employee's last day of employment or 6 weeks of ADA continuous leave).

Eligible participants may also choose to make their elections online. Keep in mind that their may be a delay of when Discovery Benefits has knowledge of the eligibility. Once Discovery Benefits has knowledge of the eligibility the participant can call Discovery Benefits at 866-451-3399, to get their participation code, then they can go to the website at (group #15479) to get registered and make their enrollments.

Enrollments will be effective the participants first day after their coverages with DriveTime end so that there is no lapse in coverage.