Baby Gift Program

Are You Expecting?

DriveTime encourages all pregnant employees and spouses to be proactive about health during pregnancy.  If you (or spouse) are enrolled on the DriveTime medical plan and attend all of your required pre-natal care visits for the duration of the pregnancy; you could receive a $300.00 Gift Card!

You will receive the first $150 after your first four pre-natal visits

The second $150 will be disbursed after the baby is born

Download the Baby Gift Form here

To be eligible for the Baby Gift Program you must meet the following requirements:

- You (or your pregnant spouse) must be enrolled on the DT Medical Plan
- You must submit the Baby Gift Form along with proof of birth and verification of pre-natal visit attendance (on physician letterhead or prescription pad)
If you do not receive your gift within 2 weeks or you have any questions regarding the Baby Gift Program, please contact the Benefits Department by emailing

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