Wellness Plan

Q: What is the Wellness Plan?

A: DriveTime is committed to promoting wellness in our employees.  If you enroll in our medical coverage, we encourage you to take a proactive approach to maintaining your health by participating in biometric screenings and attending your recommended annual physician visits.  As a reward for completeing these steps, you are eligible for a substantial premium discount.

We have also launched a new wellness program this year called WellTime. WellTime is a comprehensive wellness program designed to enhance your well-being and reward you for living a healthy life. WellTime will make it easy and fun for you to challenge yourself, your health decisions, and provide you with the tools and support to develop healthy habits, and earn points toward your wellness tiers and great incentives while you are doing so.

To visit/logon to your WellTime portal click here: drivetime.mywellmetrics.com

Q. What is a Biometric Test?

A.  Biometric testing simply means a blood draw for cholesterol and HbA1c, and a collection of other vital signs like blood pressure and BMI.

Q.  Does my spouse or children who are on my plan need to complete  these steps?

A. Only a covered spouse is required to complete these steps.

Q. Will everyone know if I have any health concerns?

A.  No, all health results are completely confidential.  The only thing DriveTime will be alerted about is if the requirements have been completed or not, and what your wellness tier should be.

Q. What happens if I don't participate in the Wellness Program?

A.  Any employee or covered spouse who does not participate in the wellness program will not be eligible for a discount on your medical rates. We recommend every employee complete biometric testing and an annual phycial because we encourage you to know your numbers and take action with your own health.


Commonly asked FAQs about Open Enrollment

Q: How do I qualify for an exemption and how does that help me?

A: Anyone who is being treated by their doctor for a condition that prevents them from meeting DriveTime's biometric measures can get an exemption from that requirement. For example, if you are diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) during your physical exam and your doctor establishes a treatment plan for you (such as blood pressure medication), you can be exempted from the blood pressure requirement and you will pass that requirement.

Q: Do I need to get an HbA1c test or is a glucose test good enough?

A: Please ask your doctor to indicate that you need an HbA1c test on the lab order. The HbA1c test is a better indicator of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Q: I will be seeing a new doctor and they want to schedule me for a new patient exam, is that the same thing as a physical?

A: No, a new patient exam isn't the same thing as a physical. Be sure to tell your doctor's office that you need to have a physical at that appointment so you can make your deadline.

Q: My doctor's office won't schedule my appointment until it's been at least 12 months since my last physical. What do I do?

A: Tell your doctor's office to call UHC at the number on the back of your card (800-842-5658) and they will verify that our plan covers 2 free physicals every calendar year.


For more information about the Wellness Steps and Tiers, refer to the guides on the Home Page of our website.

For questions, please email Benefits@DriveTime.com.