Leave of Absence and Family Medical Leave Act

Q: When I am out on a FMLA or LOA how are my benefit premium payments being processed?

A: When an employee goes out on FMLA or LOA their unpaid benefit premiums are collected by the payroll system in what is called "arrears".  Once the employee returns to work the system will automatically begin collecting the balance at no more than one additional premium per paycheck.  If the employee fails to return to work Benefits will need to be notified so that they can collect the arrears balance.
For example:
Mary was on FMLA for 6 weeks and missed 3 bi-weekly deductions for her Employee Only medical coverage.  When Mary returns to work she will have her normal benefit deduction of $29.00 plus an additional $29.00 until her balance is paid off.  For this example Mary's balance should be paid off in 3 pay periods (the number of pay periods she missed).  This is the case for each benefit deduction, with the exception of Dependent Care Flexible Spending which will be terminated for the time that the employee is on leave and will be reinstated when they return to work.

Q: How do I know if I am eligible for a leave?

A: If you believe you may be eligible for a leave or have any questions about whether you should request a leave, you can review the Employee Handbook (you can find it on the HR Wiki as a quick link on the left hand side of the home page), or you can contact your Manager or the Leave Department at Leave@drivetime.com.

For more information about requesting a leave visit the Leave of Absence page.