Fidelity 401K

Q: How do I sign up for 401k?

A: Our 401k provider is Fidelity. You are eligible to enroll on or after your 31st day of employment. You can enroll online at www.401k.com or by calling Fidelity at 800-890-4015.

For more information visit Retirement Savings.

Q: Where do I find information on my 401k?

A: Contribution and Employee match can be found on the employees paycheck stub. You can also view your 401k information online at www.401k.com or contact Fidelity at 800-890-4015.

Q: I called Fidelity to sign up for 401k and they told me I am not eligible in the system.  What do I do?

A: Send an email to: benefits@drivetime.com to ensure that you are set up to enroll.

Q: How do I roll over my previous 401K into my DriveTime 401K?

A: Please refer to the Rollover Form and Instructions.

Q: Is 401k deducted from my bonus?

A: 401k is not deducted from your bonus unless you complete the 401k Bonus Deduction Form.