Changing Coverage/Dependents

Q: When can I add/delete coverage or a dependent?  Only during open enrollment?

A: You can submit a Life Status Change request within 31 days of a qualifying event (such as marriage, birth, gained/lost other coverage, etc.).

Learn more by going to the Change My Benefits section.

You need to provide documentation of the qualifying event when you upload the request. If you can't submit what's needed for a Life Status Change, you will need to wait until Open Enrollment.

Q: Can I change my benefits at any time?

A: No.  Because medical, dental, and vision coverages are pre-tax deductions we are required by law to only allow benefit changes during the following times: New Hire Enrollment, Open Enrollment (yearly), and at a Life Status Change (LSC).  Be sure to make your elections before your deadline or you might have to wait until the following year's Open Enrollment.

Q: I just got married.  How do I add my spouse to my Health Insurance?

A: To add your spouse to your health insurance outside of open enrollment you must submit the required paperwork to Winston Benefits. This can be done via fax or email, or you can call them for assistance.