Time Off:

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Personal Time

DriveTime recognizes that employees need time away from work to relax, recover, or re-energize without the added stress of unpaid leave.  As such, we provide a competitive PTO program, designed with your well-being in mind.
PTO can be used for vacation, illness, injury and/or personal business.  All regular full-time employees are eligible.  You will begin to accrue PTO upon your date of hire.  PTO may be taken as soon as it is accrued, subject to approval of your supervisor.  When taking time off, you must use available PTO time before taking time off without pay.
The PTO accrual rate for an employee is based on the length of employment, with the rates being adjusted on the anniversary of the employee's date of hire. Please note: Unused PTO is forfieted at the end of every calendar year, employees may not rollover unused PTO into the following year.

DriveTime Paid Time Off Accrual (Full Time)


Length of Service Classification Paid Hours Per Year
Less than 1 year Hourly 88 hours
Less than 1 year Salaried 128 hours
1 year, but less than 3 years All Employees 136 hours
3 years, but less than 5 years All Employees 160 hours
5 or more years All Employees 192 hours


DriveTime Paid Time Off Accrual (Part Time)


Length if service Paid hours per year
Less than 1 year 1.0 hr per 30 hrs worked
1 Year, but less than 3 years 1.5 hrs per 30 hrs worked
3 Years, but less than 5 years 2.0 hrs per 30 hrs worked
5 or more years 3.0 hrs per 30 hrs worked


You can roll over up to 40 hours

*CA employees, please refer to Sick and Vacation accrual rates in the Owner's Manual.

Leave of Absence

For information, visit Leave of Absence

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