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DriveTime's Wellness Program

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Phone: 855-864-0721

Email: support@adurolife.com

Website: https://drivetime.mywellmetrics.com

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Save money on your medical premiums by participating in the Wellness Program!!

DriveTime's Wellness Program is designed to help employees, including spouse (if covered under DriveTime's medical plan), identify health risk factors before they become serious health problems. This optional program can earn you significant savings on your per pay medical costs. In some cases over $1,200 each year!

Did you know that DriveTime has made some recent changes to the Wellness Program?! Click here to get more info.


Wellness Discount Requirements


Earn 3,000+ points to achieve the Wellness Discount

Earn 3,500+ points to earn your bonus $50 Amazon Gift Card

**Deadline to earn the wellness discount on your medical premiums for 2019: November 15, 2018

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Wellness Program Steps
Onsite Biometrics FAQ - Call Centers Only

How does the wellness plan work?

Employee's and their spouses who are enrolled in DriveTime's Traditional or Liberty medical plans are encouraged to follow these three easy steps each year to achieve the best possible discount on your medical premiums. Your discount is based on how many points you earn.

  1. Once your medical coverage is effective, sign into the WellTime site, https://drivetime.mywellmetrics.com, to print your wellness form.
  2. Go to your primary care physcian to complete your wellness visit and biometric screening.
  3. 72 hours after your doctor submits your completed wellness form, sign into the WellTime site to see how many points you earned. Complete challenges on the site to earn any additional points you may need to achieve the wellness discount. 3,000 points needed.

NOTE: If you cover a spouse, you each earn your own points from the wellness steps; your discount will be based on the achievement of both of you. Your spouse will have their own log in for the WellTime website, https://drivetime.mywellmetrics.com.

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