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Traditional Plan

DriveTime offers you coverage with United Healthcare (UHC) in a plan designed to help employees have predictable health expense costs with co-pays. The Traditional Plan allows you to see any physician; however, you will save money by selecting providers who are in the network.

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Your co-pay for prescriptions with the Traditional medical plan are determined based on the tier level the prescription falls in. To learn about the tiers and find out what tier level the most commonly prescribed medications are in refer to the 2018 Prescription Drug List (PDL).

Health Care Flexible Spending Account - FSA

Participants of Traditional medical plan are also eligible to participate in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This is a great option to budget your qualifying medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. Get information about enrolling in a Health Care FSA by clicking here .

Carrier Contact Information

United Healthcare
Website: www.myuhc.com
Group #: 709715
Phone: 800-842-5658
Claims: PO Box 30555 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0555
Member ID: Social Security Number

Still want more information on the specifics of the Traditional Plan? Check out the full  Plan Summary document or once your coverage is effective, you can call United Healthcare at 800-842-5658, Group #709715.


Cost Saving Benefits!

Members DriveTime's Traditional or Liberty medical plans have great opportunities for savings.  Click here for more details.