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Quit Smoking Program

DriveTime is a tobacco free workplace offering you a tobacco free working environment. As part of our Wellness initiatives DriveTime has two great smoking cessation programs offered to employees.


If you have DriveTime's medical coverage, you can call WellTime at 855-864-0721to get started with their phone or online quit smoking coaching program. Additional options are available through UnitedHealthcare.

If you are not enrolled in DriveTime's Medical coverage you can still submit for a quit smoking reimbursement by submitting the following form to 888-505-7130.

Quit Smoking Reimbursement Form

The maximum reimbursement allowed per year is $250 for prescriptions/over-the-counter items and $750 for treatment.

DriveTime's Tobacco Free Policy

Use of electronic cigarettes is also not allowed on DriveTime property. However, you can be in the Wellness program and use electronic cigarettes.

Employee Handbook Policy 719: Tobacco Free Workplace

DriveTime is a tobacco free company which includes all forms of tobacco. All DriveTime properties are subject to our tobacco free standards. DriveTime vendors are also required to adhere to this policy, although customers are allowed to use tobacco products outside of DriveTime buildings. Violation of this policy includes smoking in a car while on DriveTime property.