Liberty Plan

You have options!

We offer our employees two choices in our medical coverage benefit. We offer the Traditional (PPO) Plan, as well as the Liberty Plan (with a Health Savings Account).


Health Savings Account (HSA) Affirmation Points for Enrollment

Medical Rates:

Full-Time | Part-Time | Cobra

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Preventive Medications

Under the Liberty Plan, preventive medications are covered 100%. This means you do not pay for these prescriptions because they are preventive and keeping you healthy.

Not sure if your prescriptions are preventive? Click on the link below to view an expanded list of all 2015 prescriptions listed as preventive.

2017 Preventive Medications - Expanded List

Eligible Expenses

Not sure what you may use your Liberty Plan Savings Account to purchase? The Liberty Plan Savings Account is governed by the IRS, and is subject to IRS defined eligible expenses. Each year, the IRS publishes a list of eligible expenses. Click the link below to see what you may use your Liberty Plan to pay for in IRS Publication 502.

Liberty Plan IRS Eligible Expenses


Need a new Health Savings Account (HSA) Debit Card?

If you need to replace a lost HSA debit card or update your personal information, you can contact Optum Bank directly.

Optum Bank | 800-791-9361, Option 1

For more information about the HSA card, click here.