Cost Saving Tips

$4 Prescriptions .

Did you know that going to a pharmacy that offers $4 generics (such as Wal-Mart) can actually be less expensive than paying your co-pay for the same medication at a different pharmacy? Check with local pharmacies in your area for discount options and programs.

Mail Order Prescriptions

Did you know we have a 90-day supply mail order option available?  Your doctor will write your prescription for a 90-day supply and you pay the cost for a 60-day supply.

Find more information and forms at or call Optum Rx mail order at 877-889-5802.

Cut the Pill

Ask your doctor if your prescription qualifies to be written for a double dose and then cut in half using a pill splitter. By doing this you would get a two month supply for the price of one!

Click Here to Learn More about Cut the Pill

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) Premium Physicians and Facilities


It can be overwhelming trying to decide on the best physician and facilities to meet your medical needs. When searching for a physician or facility at, you will see stars next to the selections. This is the UHC Premium designation program which rates medical professionals and facilities with stars to show which meet quality and cost-efficiency standards.