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*New for 2018* SurgeryPlus

For employees with medical coverage with DriveTime, Surgery Plus helps you find a board-certified surgeon with an extensive history of quality for many different scheduled surgeries. This service is intended to save you money on scheduled surgeries by:

  • Traditional plan savings: waiving deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays
  • Liberty plan savings: waiving coinsurance and allows HSA contribution of up to $700 towards payment

For a complete list of surgeries covered by SurgeryPlus and more details, check out their webpage at:


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Two Options for Your Medical Coverage:

Traditional Plan | Liberty Plan

Medical Costs

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Prescription coverage is included with the medical plan.
For tiers, view the 2017 Prescription Drug List (PDL).


For coverage information, please see:

Owner's Manual | Eligible Dependents

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Please note: you can't use your coverage until your effective date.

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