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Life Insurance Recorded Presentation

Basic Life Insurance

On an employee's 31st day of employment, theywill automatically receive Basic Life Insurance coverage paid for by the company. This is a free coverage just for being an employee! The coverage amount is equal to 1x your annual earnings, up to $50,000.

Life Plan Summary

Grief Counseling

All employees are eligible for up to 5 confidential and free grief counseling sessions with their Basic Life Insurance plan under MetLife. Click here for more details.

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Supplemental Life Insurance

Employees have the option during their enrollment period (New Hire or Open Enrollment) to elect supplemental life insurance for themselves, their spouse and/or their dependent(s). Supplemental life insurance is additional coverage than what the free Basic Life plan covers. If elected, supplemental life insurance is subject to contracted group rates (i.e. this coverage does have an out of pocket cost per pay check for the employee, if elected).

An employee's first time enrollment in any of these coverages or election to increase coverage may be subject to a process called Evidence of Insurability (EOI). See below for more details on the EOI process.

Employee Supplemental Life Insurance

Employee's can elect up to 5x their annual earnings, up to a $500K maximum, in increments of $10K in supplemental life coverage.

Spousal Supplemental Life Insurance

When an employee elects employee supplemental life insurance, they also have the opportunity to elect spousal supplemental life insurance. An employee can elect spousal supplemental life up to 50% of their employee election, up to a $100K maximum, in increments of $5K.

Dependent Life Insurance

Employee's may elect up to $10K in supplemental life insurance for their eligible children during their enrollment period. One rate will cover all eligible children, age 6 months to 26 years.

Evidence of Insurability (EOI)

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is an application process that asseses the participants risk factor for coverage; if the risk factor is too high, the participant would be denied the coverage. Participants who are required to complete the EOI process will be mailed to their home address a Statement of Health form from MetLife. The employee has 60 days to complete the required steps. Once all information has been submitted to MetLife, MetLife will make a determination (approved or denied). If approved, the elected coverage becomes effective the date the enrollment is approved.

All new elections for supplemental coverage or increases in current supplemental coverage will be required to complete the EOI process. The only exception is during a New Hire Enrollment.

New Hire Exception:

New hire's have a one time opportunity to elect employee and spousal supplemental life coverage up to the guaranteed issue amount without having to be subject to the EOI process. The guaranteed issue amount for:

  • Employee supplemental coverage is $300K (or 5x the employee's annual earnings, whichever is reached first)
  • Spousal supplemental coverage is $30K

As long as the employee continues to maintain the same coverage moving forward, they will never be subject to the EOI process.

Submitting a Life Insurance Claim

Life Claim Form

Payment of Benefits

In the event of your death or the death of a covered member, benefits will be paid to your designated beneficiary(ies). If you have not designated a beneficiary(ies) or there is no designated beneficiary living at the time of your death, benefits will be paid to your surviving family members in the following order:

  1. Living Spouse
  2. Any Living Children (to be shared equally among survivors, or to the survivor)
  3. Living Parents (to be shared equally, or to the survivor)
  4. Living Siblings (to be shared equally among survivors, or to the survivor)
  5. Estate of the insured

For a complete description of all DriveTime group life insurance plans, you can access the Certificates of Coverage online or if you do not have access to the intranet, refer to your copy of the Summary Plan Desciptions.