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Basic Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage is available for both you and your eligible family members. DriveTime pays the cost of a basic life insurance policy equal to  **1X your annual earnings** up to $50,000.

You may supplement this basic coverage by purchasing additional amounts of coverage for yourself. You may also purchase dependent coverage for your spouse and children.

For a complete description of all DriveTime group life insurance plans, you can access the Certificates of Coverage online or if you do not have access to the intranet, refer to your copy of the Summary Plan Desciptions.

Supplemental Life Insurance

As a DriveTime employee you may purchase additional life insurance on your own life at group rates.

Five Supplemental Plan Options
You may elect from the following  supplemental coverage options:

**1x Annual Earnings**

**2x Annual Earnings**

**3x Annual Earnigns**

**4x Annual Earnings**

**5x Annual Earnings**


Cost of Coverage

You pay the entire cost for supplemental life insurance. Premiums are based on the amount covered.

Payment of Benefits

In the event of your death, benefits will be paid to your designated beneficiary(ies). If you have not designated a beneficiary(ies) or there is no designated beneficiary living at the time of your death, benefits will be paid to your surviving family members in the following order:


Child or children (to be shared equally among survivors, or to the survivor)
Parents (to be shared equally, or to the survivor)
Sisters or brothers (to be shared equally among survivors, or to the survivor)
Estate of the insured

Dependent Life Insurance

You may purchase life insurance for your spouse and eligible children. Eligible children are covered from 14 days until age 26.

Evidence of Insurability

If you want to increase your coverage after your new hire enrollment, or if you elect coverage greater than $300,000, you may be required to submit Evidence of Insurability.

Please note: if you plan to elect additional coverage for your spouse over $30,000 you must submit Evidence of Insurability even if you are a New Hire.

Sun Life Evidence of Insurability Guide

**Please Note: 1X annual earnings is defined by your prior years W2 Box 1 wages**