Leave Process

Leave Process

Requesting a leave:

  1. Email Leave@drivetime.com to request a leave.
  2. Speak with your manager and let them know that you have been in contact with the Leave Department.
  3. Print out your leave paperwork and take it with you for your doctor to complete. Please fax it back to the Leave Department at (866) 665-7197 within 15 days of when the packet was sent.
  4. Notify the Leave Department and your manager of your first anticipated or actual day away from work.
  5. If your leave is due to a work-related injury, let us know immediately as you may qualify for Worker's Compensation (WC).

Returning to work:

If the leave was due to your own health condition, you will need to fax a return to work release from your doctor to the Leave Department at (866) 665-7197. This is separate from the leave certification and can be written on a prescription pad. You will not be able to return to work without this release.

More details about what to do after your leave of absence are available on the Returning to Work page.