Leave Process

Continuation of Benefits

Employee Benefits During an Approved PLOA or FMLA

DriveTime will pay its portion and will advance the employee's portion of the benefits plan cost (including health, dental, vision, supplemental life, and disability insurance benefits) while you are on leave and not receiving pay from DriveTime. The employee will be responsible for paying their portion of the premiums upon their return to work through payroll deduction.

See Leave of Absence and FMLA to learn more about your benefit premium payments.

ADA Accommodation Leave and Benefits Coverage: Effective at week 6 of an ADA Accommodation Leave, we terminate benefits coverage. You will be able to elect to continue your benefits coverage through COBRA.

Compensation During a Leave of Absence

There is no provision for advancing PTO time based on future accruals, unless required by state law. Time off will be without pay unless the employee has available PTO time accrued. Subject to state law, employees will be required to use 40 hours of accrued PTO time or available balance if less; unless the employee specifically requests to be paid additional accrued PTO, the remainder of the leave of absence will then be unpaid.

Substituting paid leave time for unpaid leave time does not extend the leave period. Accrued PTO and FMLA run concurrently.

For example, if you have 80 hours of available, accrued PTO at the time your leave begins, Payroll will automatically pay 40 hours of the accrued PTO.  The remainder of the leave will be without pay unless the employee requests to be paid the additional accrued PTO.  The employee is then eligible to be paid for up to the remaining 40 hours of accrued PTO before going unpaid.

*For California employees, please reference the Employee Handbook for details on the California FMLA policy.*