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Prepare for the future today with the DriveTime 401(k) Plan

The DriveTime 401(k) plan is designed to be a partnership between you and DriveTime, with each playing an active role in preparing for your retirement. DriveTime has provided you with a vehicle that offers you the opportunity to prepare for a secure retirement. Your regular contributions through the 401(k) Savings Plan can add a significant amount to your retirement assets. The earlier you make a commitment to your future and do something about it, the greater benefit you will receive.

Does DriveTime contribute to my 401(k)?

Yes, DriveTime will contribute 40 cents on every dollar for the first 6% of you invest into your 401k.  Our vesting schedule is at 20% per year so you are fully vested after 5 years of service.

Years of Service Percentage Vested
Less than 1 year 0%
1 year 20%
2 years 40%
3 years 60%
4 years 80%
5 or more years 100%

Enrolling in 401k

You are eligible to enroll on your 31st day of employment.
You can enroll online at or by calling Fidelity at (800) 890-4015.
When enrolling online you will need to set up your personal identification number (PIN). If you're already a Fidelity customer, you can use your existing PIN.
You will then need to click on "Enroll Now" in the center of the NetBenefits homepage.

401K Bonus Deduction Form

If you would like to have amounts from your bonus checks be put into your 401K you will need to complete a 401K bonus deduction form.  You will still be subject to all 401K annual contribution amounts.  You can start or stop this election at any time (please note it will take approximately one pay period for adjustments to be effective).

Legal Notices

Below click on the links for the PDF's showing the Summary Annual Report (SAR) and the Annual Notice of Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)

Summary Annual Report | QDIA

Vanguard Funds

Annual maximum for 2015 and 2016 is $18,000 - for more information please go to

401k Catch Up Opportunity

If you are a participant in the 401(k) plan and are over the age of 50 during the calendar year, you are eligible to defer an additional $6,000.00 over the standard 401(k) limit of $18,000.00.  This may be an excellent pre-tax savings opportunity for you. Please note: catch-up contributions ARE eligible for the employer match.

The Catch-up contributions are defined by the IRS as the following:

For tax years beginning after 2001, a plan may permit participants who are age 50 or over at the end of the calendar year to make additional elective deferral contributions. These additional contributions (commonly referred to as catch-up contributions) are not subject to the general limits that apply to 401(k) plans. An employer is not required to provide for catch-up contributions in any of its plans. However, if your plan does allow catch-up contributions, it must allow all eligible participants to make the same election with respect to catch-up contributions.

If you would like to find out more information about the 401(k) Catch-Up, please submit your inquiry to DriveTime's Benefits Department. Please note that the 401(k) Catch-Up only applies to participants who meet the maximum yearly deferral of $24,000 and are over 50 years of age or will be 50 years of age within the calendar year.

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