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Have you Joined the Wellness Program Yet? Find out more about WellTime in our August Newsletter!


August 2016 Benefits Newsletter

WellTime is a comprehensive wellness program designed to enhance your well-being and reward you for living a healthy life. WellTime will make it easy and fun for you to challenge yourself, your health decisions, and provide you with the tools and support to develop healthy habits, and earn points toward your wellness tiers and great incentives while you are doing so.

WellTime is a completely voluntary program, however, participating in the program can help  you become eligible for discounts on your medical rates for 2016.

To sign into your WellTime account please visit the WellTime portal here:


Teladoc is now available to employees with our medical coverage!

Teladoc gives you and your dependents (if covered on our medical plan) 24/7/365 access to a doctor, via phone or video app, at no cost to you! Call 1-800-Teladoc

For more information about Teladoc you can watch this video: "What is Teladoc?" or click here for more information.


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DriveTime New Hire Checklist


Helps new hires through the Benefits enrollment process step-by-step.


Wellness Form


Required by your 60th day of coverage!

2016 DriveTime Wellness Steps


Use this guide for more information on our Wellness Steps.

2016 DriveTime Wellness Program


Use this guide for more information about our Wellness Tiers and Biometric qualifications

How to Enroll


Use this guide if you wish to View/Enroll/Change your Benefits during Open Enrollment

2016 Owner's Manual


This is your 2016 Benefits Owner's Manual! It has an overview of all of the benefits we offer.