Insurance Rates

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2017 DriveTime Open Enrollment Inserts

2017 DriveTime Open Enrollment Inserts (IC and Service Center)


Wellness Program

It's not to late to complete the Wellness steps and change your rate for 2017! Schedule your annual physical with your doctor. Make sure to bring the Wellnes Form with you to your physical for your doctor to complete. Your doctor will need to have you complete biometric testing in house or at a local in-network Lab! Your medical premium discounts will be based on your wellness form, biometric outcome results, tobacco status, and your overall participation in the wellness progarm.

Looking for a Wellness Form?

Wellness Form is located at the WellTime site: Here you will sign in, click on "Complete a Health Screening" at the top of your screen. Once it pops up the click on "Health Provdier Screening Form." Print the form out and take it to your doctor's appointment.

Start scheduling appointments now for points towards 2018 Medical rates.


Teladoc is now available to employees with our medical coverage!

Teladoc gives you and your dependents (if covered on our medical plan) 24/7/365 access to a doctor, via phone or video app, at no cost to you! Call 1-800-Teladoc

For more information about Teladoc you can watch this video: "What is Teladoc?" or click here for more information.




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Why they are important

DriveTime New Hire Checklist


Helps new hires through the Benefits enrollment process step-by-step.


Wellness/Appeals Form

Required by your 60th day of coverage!

2017 DriveTime Wellness Steps


Use this guide for more information on our Wellness Steps.

2017 DriveTime Wellness Program


Use this guide for more information about our Wellness Tiers and Biometric qualifications

How to Enroll


Use this guide if you wish to View/Enroll/Change your Benefits during Open Enrollment

2017 Owner's Manual


This is your 2017 Benefits Owner's Manual! It has an overview of all of the benefits we offer.